Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

My parents just moved to a new house with more space, which means more decorations!

My mom has great, timeless yet chic style in her interior design. Like me, she is constantly editing the look of her home until it feels perfect - but she has an amazing knack of making everything feel inviting, even if it is perfectly polished! So I guess you can see where I got it from - a blessing and a curse to be so obsessed with decorating.

Anyway, I love what she's done, here's a peek into what an updated Christmas looks like at my folks' place:

Notice the daring addition of snow to this all silver and white vignette. 
I love all the textures going on here.

More snow! And look at the cute way she's hung the snowflakes, with polka dotted ribbon.
And more lovely textures - mixing ceramics with metallics, sparkly beads with fabric ribbons.

Snowflakes add some fun to these glamorous beaded wreaths.

A beautiful way to enter your home - I've always wanted a house big enough for an entry table like this!

In the family room, there's a more natural color palette - warm and cute.

The Mr. and Mrs Claus were handmade by my grandmother and make a special appearance every year. 
I love how the natural wood snowflakes are staggered in height. So fun!


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