Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Modern and Sophisticated Baby's Room

Just working on some things here and there…

Here's a vision board I threw together for a fun baby's room - click the image for some sources:

Baby room

This room in particular is for a boy, but just swap out some of the art for more feminine pieces and the other finishings work perfectly for a girl.

Oh, and no, I'm not having another baby. This is for a friend :)

But if you need some help with a vision board for your room, send me a message - I'm always looking for new projects to help out my friends with!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Adding layers to your style by mixing modern with vintage

I love mixing modern with vintage in my home decor - it adds great dimension and layer to the design. 

It's been a year since we've moved into our new home - I'm finally getting around to the dining room, 
which has become the perfect place to experiment with adding layers of styles and eras to my decor.

I love the chandelier - it's original to our home which was built in 1955 - and it's a perfect juxtaposition with the more modern art we have on the walls.

There's a good mix happening here with the modern chairs and the vintage look of these oversized candlesticks. The bench under the art gives a nod to the candlesticks since it's got a vintage look to it.

And although my husband doesn't like the multi-colored print because it's not an original piece of art (I'm currently making a mustache with my finger under my nose and making a snooty face) I LOVE it because it brings in every single color and ties in my black chairs that I almost got rid of. I guess we can't always agree… but I can always win - it's staying up!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Filling your frames - for free!

I love frames - they're inexpensive, pretty, and easily fill up empty spaces in decorating - 
but their ease comes with one exception...
filling the actual frame.

I don't display too many family photos in my living room - they're so personal - 
but I have a TON of frames. If I see a well priced frame, I can't pass it up
so it's become a challenge for me to find an alternate solution, while not spending too much money on artwork or printing photos to fill them.

 I found my solution by simply checking my mail.
We have a membership with the Portland Art Museum, 
and they recently sent a beautiful pamphlet advertising some new upcoming exhibits. 
Lucky me :)
You can also fill frames with magazine clippings, programs from plays or as my friend Sarah suggested, calendar pages!

The pictures add so much color and beauty to the room - and they were free!

What do you think, do you have any pamphlets/magazines with beautiful pictures you can use to fill some empty frames around your house?