Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mixing Patterns in the Bedroom

Layer by layer,  I'm adding more color and patterns to our master bedroom.

So far it's all blues and yellows - calm and soothing colors, perfect for a bedroom.
I love the contrast the wooden legs of this bench give to the clean modern look of the white couch.

More blue and yellow patterns are carried through to the bedding - with some great texture from these white pillows. I have the hardest time choosing bedding - I don't want it to be too feminine since it's my husband's bed too, but I'm not about to throw some flannel on the bed, either. 
I think this is a nice balance of more masculine, geometric lines, with a soft, romantic twist through the trellis patterned pillow.

I used the pillows that came with the comforter to carry the theme through the room to this cozy side chair. I like how the repeated pattern carries the eye from one side of the room to another.

And while I was busy taking pictures, this little turkey was sitting patiently, just lookin' real cute.

Go Ducks - Win The Day!

{pillows, bedding and side chair from HomeGoods, bench from Target}

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bedroom Update

I love having a huge bedroom, but I've had a hard time filling all the space.

I found this great upholstered sofa table with a fun ikat pattern and beautiful nailhead trim.

I love is because it's still neutral in color and also serves a wonderful purpose as a catchall 
for jewelry while also displaying some family photos.

It makes me so happy to see my things displayed so beautifully as I first walk into my bedroom - even though Jack is always tempted to move things around to make room for his choochoos.

What do you think?