Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Lovely Oregon Evening, and a Family Update

The boys are in bed and my husband is at a bachelor party for his best friend, 
so I'm out on the patio! Just missing some wine but I'm all funned out after a weeklong trip to Mexico.

A little candlelit romance for me and the dogs - cheers to a perfect Spring evening in Oregon!

and from a little earlier in the day, I finally found a place for this garden stool.

And to add some substance to this post, a little Edlen Family Update:

Like I said, we just got back from Mexico for my birthday/Mother's day trip. 
It was tough to leave the boys for a week, but we definitely needed a break.

If you're from Portland you'll recognize the iconic PDX carpet selfie shot we've got going on here.

Poolside and before we both burnt ourselves to a peeling crisp

My fabulous birthday dinner with my beloved… and most importantly:

And the first picture of got with both Edlen boys, messy hair and all.
I couldn't love anything more than my sweet family of boys!


  1. So cute.
    You're really a perfect family!




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