Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update your decor for Spring

It's getting sunny y'all - let's celebrate the best way I know how…


VOILA! I spent more time on the graphic than I did creating a fresh new look for my entry way. 

I also replaced the wreath on our front door. 

Ta da! I hung this cutie with emerald green ribbon (since my door won't close with a wreath hanger!)

Welcome Spring! Have you done any redecorating around the house lately?

Some of the items in this post were compensated through a gift card by HomeGoods for the HomeGoods Happy Pinterest campaign. All opinions are my own. Thank you for taking a little stroll through my 'garden'!


  1. The new wreath is so spring and cheery and precious, love it!

    1. Thanks Pech! You can't help but to smile when passing by it!

  2. Love that wreath. I've been thinking about how I need a new one!

    1. Thanks Kayla - I had to resist getting an Easter wreath and went for an all around Springy one instead!


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