Tuesday, April 8, 2014

$200 Patio Makeover!

It was a beautiful day today so I felt inspired to update my patio.
Of course, I found a ton of awesome stuff at HomeGoods (I just can't stop going there…I mean I can't even though)

There was a patio set (with only 3 chairs…?) when we moved in, so I jazzed them up with some pillows. 
I want to spray paint the green part of the chairs black… but that's for another day. 
Do you see the sweet yellow hanging pot? I got one for each side :)

I found a couple of cute accessories that wouldn't blow away in the wind to decorate the table.

And this adorable blue wire side table was the perfect size for my two little white chairs, 
leftovers from my days of having a tiny condo patio.

And I threw in the little lumbar pillows to add some pattern and color. What do you think?

Some of the items in this post were compensated through a gift card by HomeGoods for the HomeGoods Happy Pinterest campaign. All opinions are my own. Thank you for taking a little stroll through my 'garden'!


  1. I love your pops of color. It's so striking against the white and black. Are they "finds" that you painted or did you keep your eye out for the right ones.

    1. Thanks, Dena! I totally lucked out and found everything the same day (which never happens to me, I usually stock up for months!!!)


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