Friday, January 10, 2014

Form over Function?

One of my favorite pieces in my home is my bar cart. I had always admired them in magazines and thought they looked so sophisticated and glamorous. 
Naturally, I wanted to emulate that feeling of glamor once I had a bar cart of my very own, so I had a decision to make. Do I use the bar cart for it's actual purpose, or do I just make it look pretty. It wasn't  a hard choice to me - I went with the glam.

She's pretending to be useful with the glassware on the bottom - but we all know it's just for show. No, her true purpose is to make me happy - a job well done, dear!

Do you have any pieces in your home that you opt out of using their true purpose for? My built-ins have a look of guilt ALL over them (books? whaaat are those?)


  1. the bar cart i am in love with!


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