Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hanging a wreath with ribbon

Although I have a strict no-Christmas-til-after-Thanksgiving rule, this wreath is a perfect nod to the winter Holidays without being too Christmassy, so I couldn't wait to put it up as soon as November hit. 

I thought I was being extra clever and planny-aheady when I bought a gold metal wreath hanger but when I tried to use it, my door wouldn't shut. Which is... kind of a problem. 

Bummer, because I liked the look of the gold - so I improvised by using gold ribbon instead.

To keep the wreath in place, I taped the ribbon on the inside/top of the door where no one can see and let the ends hang on the inside of the door as an added bonus of decoration. I debated on tying a bow above the wreath - maybe next year when I'm not so lazy pregnant.

Have you busted out any Holiday decor yet? I can't wait to get the tree for our first Christmas in the new house!


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