Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HomeGoods Shopping Finds

Just a quick little post to show a few cute things I've come across at HomeGoods lately!

This large pierced moroccan ginger jar is BACK! I haven't seen white ones in forever so I scooped up another so I'd have a matching set.

How fun is this red zebra pillow? It's just enough animal print while still being abstract and symmetrical at the same time - plus I love it with this powder blue settee 

WHAT?! These light boxes are so fun and only $100 - they also have one that says XOXO which I thought would be cute for a little girl's room.

And some staples that you can usually find at HomeGoods - they keep them well stocked with goodies!

Get yourself in there - on a Tuesday morning when they have lots of new stuff if you can!


  1. I really wanted that Bar sign for over our buffet bar in our condo but our bar is now up against a window (as opposed to a wall) so it wouldn't have worked... My dreams = crushed


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