Saturday, January 19, 2013

Working on my bedroom (FINALLY!)

I've noticed with myself and my clients that the bedroom is usually the last place to be decorated. 
Whenever I find cute things for my home I want people to be able to see them so they usually end up in my living room.

Well I've decided to put my big girl pants on and start working on a grown-up bedroom (with a little bit of my whimsical style mixed in).

It may seem like a small step, but buying these gorgeous crystal lamps from HomeGoods was a big deal for me. 
I've been searching for the perfect lamps for a long time now - not too feminine since my husband has to have some presence in the decor - and these were perfect!
I bought them because they look like whiskey glasses - you know, for the hubs.

Next will be changing out the bedding. Right now it's grey and yellow - here's my inspiration for an all white look:

Image via Pinterest
I just love how soft and sophisticated this bedroom looks.
I realize that the little pink gnome would probably have to go - In fact, a lot of my tchotchkes would go by the wayside. A challenge for me, no doubt.  

So I already have a cream tufted headboard - I just need some curtains and some more bed linens before I can show you an update.


  1. Your desk and lamps and even tchotchkes are so elegant! Those are great lamps, will definitely anchor things! The all white look will be super pretty with the big windows, I'm sure. I love all-white but struggle with finding the right patterns and textures and such to make it work. Congrats on working on the bedroom! ;)

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