Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keeping up the Christmas!

I don't know about you, but I could keep my Christmas decorations up all year.
But after a certain amount of time, people might start to wonder if you know what month it is. 
I limit myself to leaving everything up through the first week of January - since that's when the Boy Scouts come to pick up the tree (thank goodness for that time constraint or else St. Patrick's Day would be my next reasonable excuse).

My mantel will be pretty bare after the nutcrackers et al. have to be packed up - looks like I'll just have to go shopping… bummer.

How long do you keep your Holiday decorations up? Are you sad or happy to see it go?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Design Tip - Covering Old Books with Pretty Paper

Don't like the look of mismatched books but need to fill those built-ins?
Simply take a few old books you won't be reading and cover them with pretty wrapping paper! 
Just make sure the paper is thick enough to hide anything underneath.
I also spray painted a book to add a different texture to the bunch. 

The options are endless and easy to change if you get bored with the look!

To cover the books, I did a search on YouTube of how to cover text books 
(remember doing that in math class with an old paper bag?)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Side Tables

I'm in serious need of some side tables since we've added about 1,000 square feet to our living arrangement from our recent move. 

Since I'm helping someone update their home, I couldn't help but to drool over these side tables I put together in a vision board for her - 

I might have to tell Santa about these...

Side Tables

I feel like two or three of these would fit under the tree just fine ;)

p.s. I'm being brave and extending my one-on-one decorating to online services. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hanging a wreath with ribbon

Although I have a strict no-Christmas-til-after-Thanksgiving rule, this wreath is a perfect nod to the winter Holidays without being too Christmassy, so I couldn't wait to put it up as soon as November hit. 

I thought I was being extra clever and planny-aheady when I bought a gold metal wreath hanger but when I tried to use it, my door wouldn't shut. Which is... kind of a problem. 

Bummer, because I liked the look of the gold - so I improvised by using gold ribbon instead.

To keep the wreath in place, I taped the ribbon on the inside/top of the door where no one can see and let the ends hang on the inside of the door as an added bonus of decoration. I debated on tying a bow above the wreath - maybe next year when I'm not so lazy pregnant.

Have you busted out any Holiday decor yet? I can't wait to get the tree for our first Christmas in the new house!

Styling Built-Ins

We moved! It was continues to be exhausting, so when I get a free moment from chasing around Jack I've been styling things around the house.

It's a work in progress, but here's a little update on our den. I painted the wood panelling a dark blue (which looks like a blueberry color in the reflection - but trust me it's more of a navy. 

I hung the mirror and styled away from there. I want to mix metallics instead of being married to one shade - I love how they bring such brightness to our dark den. 

I bet I'll change things around 8 thousand times before I'm totally happy with it - but it's coming along! 

More updates soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Color Combos

Finally Fall! Here in Oregon, we take Fall pretty seriously. Like we seriously LOVE it. To the point where people actually complain about the hot weather of summer and can't wait to feel those first chilly rain drops on their un-umbrellad heads. (We don't use those things here).

So to celebrate and feel fully immersed in the crisp weather - I put together some Fall color combos with some items I found at HomeGoods.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

This week's HomeGoods finds

Gotta go every week! 

Although these chairs are completely different - there's no reason why they can't live in the same house. I love the rustic stools juxtaposed with the super modern chair - high style reminiscent of those oh so famous Eames chairs but without the high price.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Playing with Polyvore

Every once in a while I get bored and put together rooms on Polyvore. This time I tried to put in as many things I've found at HomeGoods lately as I could and here's the result!

I love a classic gold, blue and white color palette - these soft blues feel almost colonial to me.

Anyway, if you haven't tried Polyvore, get yourself over to their site, it's hours of fun!

And if you haven't been over to the HomeGoods Happy by Design Pinterest Board, I HIGHLY recommend you take a peek at the 10 designers who are contributing to this amazing board!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HomeGoods Shopping Finds

Just a quick little post to show a few cute things I've come across at HomeGoods lately!

This large pierced moroccan ginger jar is BACK! I haven't seen white ones in forever so I scooped up another so I'd have a matching set.

How fun is this red zebra pillow? It's just enough animal print while still being abstract and symmetrical at the same time - plus I love it with this powder blue settee 

WHAT?! These light boxes are so fun and only $100 - they also have one that says XOXO which I thought would be cute for a little girl's room.

And some staples that you can usually find at HomeGoods - they keep them well stocked with goodies!

Get yourself in there - on a Tuesday morning when they have lots of new stuff if you can!

Friday, August 9, 2013

HomeGoods Happy - Again!

Oh - I just love HomeGoods. Once again, I'm lucky enough to be Pinning for them on their HomeGoods Happy Pinterest board - check out my latest pins!

Keep your child's room tidy and stylish with a toy box that makes a fun statement. This cute little Union Jack toy box comes in a couple of sizes at HomeGoods (there are like a MILLION little toys in there, I swear!)

Bring pops of color into a neutral room with your accessories - like these pink flowers from HomeGoods. They carry the pink throughout the room without being too overwhelming.

Swoon - this rug! I love the trellis pattern of this adorable rug from HomeGoods - the neutral color gives it a perfect transitional style.

I'll be pinning away later next week!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Decor Update: Staging to Sell!

I love our condo - but with a baby on the way and a growing toddler it's time for a yard and perhaps some more space.  So because of that, we're getting ready to sell our beautiful home and I've been re-decorating NON-STOP! Here are some updates of what I've done:

I finally found a rug I liked for the dining room. I'm transitioning slowly away from blacks and greys to lighter beiges and whites. It's definitely a process, I wish I could just re-do everything at once but who has the time (or money?!)

I moved the white credenza from under the deer in the dining room to behind the sofa in the living room. Again, I'm trying to move away from the dark pieces we once had to lighter ones to brighten up the space.

I tried my hardest to de-clutter, although I like an eclectic look so I always keep things a little fun and mismatched. I was recently featured on Home Goods Facebook page and got a lot of feedback about de-cluttering. Also some feedback about that silly TV which people said I should mount. I wish I could - it's too heavy and old. Oh well - work in progress right?

I still love that mirror above the TV - it draws the eye up and brightens that side of the room so well!

I replaced our cow hide rug with a more neutral wool - it's definitely helping toward my vision of my next house with no dark furniture in the future.

I finally found a home to showcase my ceramic garden stools - love!

As you can see we pretty much live all in one space. It's been challenging for me with my transitioning style from very modern to more cozy since everything has to live together in harmony. 

My birthday present this year - AH I LOVE THIS BAR CART!!! He lives under the deer where the credenza once was - I'm still not 100% happy with the staging but we'll get there, me and him!

And lastly, a not-too-exciting picture of a cute runner in our kitchen. I have commitment issues with rugs but I'm pretty happy with this little guy.

So what do you think? Are we getting there??? What kind of things are you working on in your home?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Creatively Chic Podcast Featuring muah, Adi Edlen!

I'm so excited to share with all of you that I was featured in a Podcast, Creating the Perfect Room, hosted by the beautiful and talented Carly of Chic Steals!

Check out her blog post with a few great pictures of some of my past work and take a listen to my very first Podcast here.

I had so much fun - thank you so much Carly!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Post: Decorating with Black White and Gold from Arcadian Home blog

Today's post is all about decorating with Black White and Gold - one of my favorite color pallets to decorate with in my own home.

Hi, everyone! It's Joanna from Arcadian Home blog, a fabulous place to find lots of interior design inspiration for lovely decorative accessories and a myriad of wonderful light fixtures from stunning chandeliers to ornate torchiere lamps. I'm so happy to be guest posting here at The Garden of Edlen. To inspire your decor dreams, I've brought along eight images of rooms dressed up in black and white with  gold. Enjoy!

 Black White Gold 
  With gold metallic artwork, white tufted sofa and a huge zebra print rug, this living room with black walls is fabulous. Patterned toss pillows and a faux fur throw add visual interest and texture to the sofa.

Black White Gold 
  White walls and ceiling are a great choice to keep this glamorous living room and with black floors, coffee table, bookcases and velvet seating from being just too dark. Gold accents can be seen in touches of brass in the table decor and lamps around the room as well. I wish we could see more of the gold wallpaper surrounding the fireplace.

Black White Gold 
  A black and white contemporary kitchen is pretty with a restrained use of gold-- brass fittings and decorative accessories make a case for less is sometimes more.

Black White Gold 
  This pretty black and white eclectic dining room is dressed up with golden accents. I love the black dining chairs with chic white upholstery and graphic Greek key pattern on the chair backs.

Black White Gold 
  Antique black furnishings, contemporary rug and glam chandelier meld to create a comfortable, beautiful and interesting living space. The glow from splashes of bright pink in the surrounding rooms is a brilliant design idea.

Black White Gold 
  Gold velvet adds color and texture to this black and white bedroom. I love the Greek key trimmed linens and the gold on the mirrored lamp.

Black White Gold 
  This foyer vignette in black and white with gold is a lovely mix of styles and periods. At first glance the tall floor lamps topped off by chic white and black shades seem to be contemporary but are actually vintage.

Black White Gold 
  White nurseries with black and white rugs like this one allow for quick change-outs of color. Here a single pop of metallic gold on the Moroccan pouf adds a touch of glam for Mom. Mini pendant lights and tiny chandeliers are perfect for baby's first room. 
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

 What do you think of these black, white, and gold inspirations? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to stop by Arcadian Home for more home and lighting inspirations every day!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decorating with the Magic Rule of 3

I realized that in my previous post about staging your home, I might have left you wondering what I meant by decorating in "Moments of 3"
so I decided I'd better get my story straight and illustrate a little! From now on we'll call it the Magic Rule of 3. Phew, much easier!

So here we have a before and after. In the before picture, we just needed to finesse a little by adding a couple of items.

I went straight to the Magic decorating trick by arranging the accessories in groups of 3:

To style the mantel I did:
3 frames
3 pretty things grouped together (1) votive (2) orchid stacked on books (3) mercury glass vessel

Which creates the overall look:
1 mirror +
1 group of frames +
1 group of pretty things =
The Magic Rule of 3

This is not the kind of rule that is punishable by law if broken - decorating is supposed to be fun, not scary after all. Accessories can look beautiful in pairs - like matching lamps for example. Or your favorite candle sticks. Or 2 chairs side by side - always a classic look.

But when you have a ton of gorgeous things you want to display together all at once, the Magic Rule of 3 can help you every time!

So I hope that clears some things up and helps you to be confident in your decorating skills for forever more!

ps... if you want to learn how to make that awesome mirror, check out this post from Adventures in Dressmaking

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Tips for Staging a Room

Staging is the most time consuming yet rewarding part of decorating a room.

I can blast through a store and buy a dozen things in 5 minutes flat, 
but when it comes to placing those things in a room - I'm more like a snail.

Today was a perfect example of my signature snail-stylin'
I literally spent 3 entire hours styling my friend Suzannah's living room before her gorgeous home was photographed for a feature in the Oregonian (congrats Suzannah!!!)

I brought over some accessories from my home, because her house is so new that we just needed a few things here and there.

Take a peek for yourself what an incredible difference a little staging can make in the feel of a room:
Before                                                                                      After

Adding some things, subtracting others - shelving is the ultimate opportunity to add style to your home.
Don't be afraid to place a mirror in your shelving - it adds light to a dark space.

Before                                                                                      After
This one was a toughy. I really scratched my head on how to utilize this console table. There's a pesky thermostat behind the lamp so placing a mirror or art was limited - 
so I placed a round mirror to direct the eye up to add some height to this space. 

Add some pretty books and throw in a cute handbag and voila - a useful space!
Before                                                                                      After
I made such small changes to this mantel but look how elegant the space feels after - 
just swap out dark art for a light reflecting mirror and add some flowers for color. 

When in doubt, Decorate in "Moments of 3"

I like to call accessories or groups of things a "moment"
 because it should mean something to you when you look at it.
It should make you pause and smile because it looks so good!

So for example:
 3 frames grouped together = one "moment of 3"
The votive + orchid/books + mercury glass grouped together = another separate "moment of 3" 
and lastly the mirror one it's own with the other 2 "moments" = the third "moment of 3"

Before                                                                                      After
This space just needed a few accents - this is George the dog - he normally lives in Jack's room

I went to every part of the living room and made purposeful and elegant moments through accessorizing. Each space your eye travels to should look polished.

Don't be afraid to take the time required to stage your home - here are some tips I use when decorating:

  • using the rule of "moments of 3" when I'm stumped (see pic of mantel for description)
  • don't shy away from moving things around - take it out, put it back, take it out, put it back
  • steal things from rooms you don't go into as often so your main rooms are polished instead of unfinished
  • step back from your project and walk through it several times to give yourself a fresh eye
  • if you're having a party (or photo shoot...) borrow accessories or furniture from friends for the day - because then it's FREE!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog Update - Follow Me!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to work on my blog, and hopefully reach out to more fabulous readers. I'm a little embarrassed to say I only have 17 followers - so let's work on that

You can follow my blog by clicking the pic below. I would most likely LOVE it if you did!

Follow me, will ya?

I'm also simplifying the look of the ole blog - so you'll notice it looks a liiiiittttle different, no?

I noticed that a lot of the blogs I really like are all very simple - so I want to like my blog too!

And since I'm blogging about blogging - here's an super rad link to some blog planning tools
made by the FABULOUS Jenni of A Well Crafted Party.

Anyhow - I'll be tinkering for the next few days. Unless I get impatient and start throwin stuff.

What do you think?