Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jack's First Birthday - Preview

I'm gearing up for baby Jack's first birthday party (I'm going to be sad when I can't call him "baby" Jack anymore...).

The theme for his party is going to be, "Where the Wild Things Are" and I'm soooo excited for Jack's Wild Rumpus to start!

I've got a bunch of crafting ideas swirling around in my head - horns on headbands, little paper boats, a "Max" outfit for the birthday boy, and Jack's aunties are even pitching in to make this the best birthday ever! (especially since the last birthday was a pretty crazy day for the Jackster...)

Here's a preview of my Where the Wild Things Are candle votives:

More to come - but for now I've got to get back to crafting (you should see the mess that used to be my dining room table...)

I'm excited to share the big day with you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outdoor Patio Project!

I never thought my first interior design project would actually be an exterior one - but it's summertime in Oregon and that means we want to be on our patios!

I recently finished my client's beautiful backyard - they live on a gorgeous canal and needed some atmosphere to enjoy their view.

I wanted the overall look to have a touch of femininity and color with flowers (I go faux because I kill plants) adding some trendy yet classic items like moroccan lanterns and a graphic pillow.

I scoured some websites and showed my clients a few inspiration boards for their furniture. It can be overwhelming to see each patio set  one at a at a time, so I showed the sets bunched together according to source and price.

We chose a sectional  from Sears of all places- amazingly there's an identical set from Home Depot that costs nearly $700 more! This taught me a great lesson - always shop around!

The sectional set came with brown pillows so I added the blue patterned pillows from Home Depot to cozy things up a bit. But of course, accessories are the best part!

Good design must always meet the expectations and needs of your clients. An ashtray was a must so I looked high and low for one that would be tasteful yet functional. It was an arduous search.

Finally I had the brilliant idea to use the sweet little moroccan lamp I had found at Home Goods.  A little square glass, some blue sand and voila! The blue hurricane and fuchsia orchid add color and compliment the overall color scheme for the patio.

 Along with an ashtray, my clients really wanted some outdoor lanterns - which I was so excited about!

I scored this beautiful vintage blue outdoor lantern along with a similar mate at Home Goods (gotta love that store!) and filled them with sweet little candles.

Overall, I had such a great time putting everything together. I wish I could have gotten better pictures but baby Jack was getting cranky after a long day of being adorable (it's hard work) so iPhone pictures had to do the trick.

What do you think? What's your outdoor patio fantasy?