Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painted Ceilings

If my husband would let me... I'd love to paint a ceiling in our house. The outlook is cloudy, maybe when we live in an actual house instead of a condo. Until then, I don't think I'll even ask. So that gives me plenty of time to accumulate inspiration for my would-be-ceiling.

I'm not a fan of the chandelier (I believe chandeliers should be fancy and never understated) - but I love the brave use of darkness on this black painted ceiling, especially juxtaposed against the white ceiling pendant. Image via Design Sponge.
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And I'm all about a conversation piece - the process of getting that ceiling painted would be a whole conversation alone, I'm sure. I think I would need to look up some youtube tutorials first.

Glossy and bright, this yellow painted ceiling is sunny yet mellow and brings balance to the checkerboard floor. Image via Pin It

There's something about the ceiling that is sort of fair game, anything goes, out of the box and literally off the walls that gives you free reign to try something new.

This coved ceiling is interesting on its own, and the painted stripes call your attention to it.  I love how they are in a sun ray shape instead of the usual basic stripe. Image via Arie Burgos Design.
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I love how a painted ceiling adds such an impactful interest to a room. It draws the eye up.Your room can be completely void of color and then POP, the ceiling transforms the entire feeling of a room with a bold pattern or fun color that you may not necessarily be brave enough to paint on your walls.

A purple painted ceiling is a bold choice, but the understated colors in the furniture and cabinets, including the neutral shade of the patterned painted floor create an almost silenced feel to this room. Image via Update Dallas.
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And lastly, I LOVE the idea of wallpapered ceilings. A simple application for a huge effect, and we all know that wallpaper is trending like crazy (and has been for so long I really shouldn't call it a trend).

Perfect for a children's room, this wallpapered ceiling is whimsical and fun. Image via Osborne and Little.
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So what do you think? Are you brave enough to put that roller up to the sky? Watch your eyes for dripping paint!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have to give it up to my friend Elke for introducing me to Fab after a little tweeting back and forth about One Kings Lane.

As the page opened, it only took me about 2 seconds to experience that giddy little freak-out feeling that I get when I find something new and exciting.

I love love LOVE these prints. I recently bought a book of really cool concert fliers - and I'm just waiting to find the perfect frames to put them in. (Also, frames are SO expensive, so I'm also waiting for a SALE!) But I love the graphic look and bold statement these prints make from Fab:

Totally evokes the Novagratz  style don't ya think?

I like them because they're a mix of modern and vintage - just perfect for my whimsical style. They can add just the slightest pop of color or the black and whites can tone down a brightly painted wall.

I love that they don't even need to be framed - how cheeky to just tape these prints to your wall?

I'm seeing these in a child's room, or a fun piece to bring to the office by your desk. And they're perfectly affordable, so if you know someone (like my brother) who needs some art for their walls - GIFT AWAY!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Kings Lane

There are a slew of great sites that feature flash sales of designer items that send you daily or weekly updates for your home (One Kings LaneThe Foundary), baby (Zulily), the hubs (Shop It To Me) and for yourself (Rue La LaShoe Buy). So if you want to fill your inbox with tempting treats, sign up for them ALL!

Since my time is limited juggling baby, I'll focus on One Kings Lane to share with you.

First of all, look how cute the logo is:

The One Kings Lane logo pulls out all the stops with sweet elephants AND a topiary

B) Obsessed! They have all the essentials if you're looking for that cozy glitzy cottage/uptown chic look.

Here's some cute stuff you can find there (remember, stuff sells out - check back often!)

Never underestimate the importance of a pretty wastebasket

Decorating with books is just as essential and classic as fresh flowers in a room

One Kings Lane adds in little decorating tips - making it feel almost like an interior design magazine

I'm always looking for things to hide ugly mail and loose paper in - this fabric covered binder is perfect for that!

Woah - splurge - but what an awesome piece of personalized acrylic art

What what WHAT?!?! $79 for this chrome lamp? You can't even find that price at Target!

 So what do you think? Are you going to sign up for any of these designer flash sales sites?

Just a wee Note: I have not been compensated for sharing these sites with you - I just love passing on good deals!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chevrons and Ikats and Poufs, OH MY!

(I watch ENTIRELY too much HGTV (not apologizing though - NEVER!) These days, you can't get away from these bold decor statements - and I LOVE IT! Chevron and Ikat patterns are taking over, and your room simply isn't complete without a pouf/ottoman (however functional or not!)

Make a serious statement on a little wall with a chevron wallpaper 

Who says your stairs have to be boring? Let them share the spotlight with a chevron runner

And if you want to make a serious commitment to show your chevron affection, go ahead - lay down those tiles!
I love the balance of symmetry/roughness of the Ikat pattern in this curtain

This classic blue Ikat is EVERYWHERE! Loves it!
Add a soft feminine touch with this pink pouf

Two trends in one! This little chevron pouf is pulling double adorable duty

All images via Pinterest

What do you think? Are you going to try out these looks in your home?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Target Introduces Some Seriously Chic Furniture!

This surprised me - I stumbled on this collection of KILLER furniture from Target! Check it out:

Black tufted headboard from Target

Grey velvet loveseat

Blue ikat foot stool

Floral and graphic design chair

Pink velvet settee sofa

Lime green tufted headboard

Vintage blue tufted headboard
Like are you kidding me?!?! LOVES IT!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to make a fake orchid look real - with things I found around my house!

I've had a faux orchid sitting around my house for a little over a year and I just haven't had the inspiration to do anything with it. I didn't want to go the typical moss route, and it's difficult to justify a trip out of the house just to hunt for an orchid outfit. So I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

All it took to spark my inspiration was a gift of these really cool soil-free plants (which you'll see in the final picture). Sort of like these:

They only have to be watered once a week by being soaked and I can just pick them out of the arrangement and replace them when I'm done.

So I scrounged around my house to dress up my lonely faux orchid (please excuse the bouncy seat peaking into the pictures, baby Jack was helping me with this project!)

Step 1 - find some newspaper, a vessel and some pretty rocks to accompany the faux orchid
Step 2, ball up the newspaper nice and tight so the orchid will stand in the place you want (bend the bottom of the stem for balance)

Step 3 - poke a hole in the center of a flat piece of newspaper and thread it around the orchid. This is so the rocks have a flat place to sit instead of getting lost in the nooks of the balled up newspaper below.

Step 4 - place your pretty rocks over the newspaper to create a full and polished look

Finally, place your super cool soil-free plants around the stem to replace the look of leaves at the base of the orchid. Voila!
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So there you have it - virtually free since I had all this stuff sitting around left over from past projects (and my wedding...)

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Wedding

I met my husband at work on June 9, 2009. We were married 16 months later in October 10, 2010 and had our baby 13 months after that on September 4, 2011. So as you can see, I've had a pretty busy last few years!

We had such a fabulous wedding that I wanted to share it with you in a few pictures. Our photographer was Melissa Tomeoni of Soul Mates Photography - absolutely THE best photographer in Portland!

My dress, Priscilla of Boston
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This is just one piece of our invitations (the instruction card) from Oblations - everything in our stationary had a chandelier design
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I wanted to have fun shoes - these are Steve Madden
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Our rings are from Kassab Jewelers - the stone is a yellow sapphire
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Each bridesmaid has her own bag personalized bag
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I wore this headband which I found on Etsy for reception
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Matt gave me this beautiful Tacori necklace to match the earrings he gave me for my birthday
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I added some bling to my all white bouquet with loose chandelier pieces
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I loved my hair - I wore hair extensions so I would have a fuller look
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I loved my bubble veil and the buttons all the way down the back of my dress
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Matt looks very James Bondish here don't you think? We got ready at CyanPDX, beautiful luxury apartments that are across the street from St. Michael's Church
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For bridesmaids gifts, I gave each girl a Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet with a charm that reminded me of them
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Our programs for the ceremony, again with a chandelier design
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Balls of hydrangea were on every other pew
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This amazing shot was taken from the penthouse floor at CyanPDX
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My flowers were all white - hydrangea, orchids, gardenias etc.
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A sweet shot of the newlyweds
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We reserved a private streetcar ride to the reception and toasted with champagne while we waited for it to arrive. The truffle buttered popcorn was served in paper that said Adriana and Matt in the font from our invitations - all put together by The Art of Catering
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Having fun on the Portland Streetcar for our private ride through downtown
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Our reception was held at Portland Center Stage - the lighting was FABULOUS!
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The chandelier theme continued with the cake topper. I used parade float material for the table cloths
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Nothing can beat milk and cookies after a night of dancing!
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We ended the night to sparklers
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