Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Staging for your everyday life

I love this article on Houzz this week giving tips on how to sell your home quickly. Check it out here: Sell Your Home Fast: 21 Staging Tips

No, I'm not trying to sell a home - but I am trying to live in one that's always ready for a tour!

Love this tip: Strike a balance between clean and lived-in
Have you ever seen those shows on HGTV where they are trying to spruce up a home to "get it sold"? The homeowners are always blown away by the end product and can't believe the untapped potential their home had.

You only get to live in your home once (even if it is for 30 years!) so make every moment in your home a comfy yet fabulous one.

I do have a hard time with sticking with neutral colors, and while you're living in your home - I don't think you should have to have a neutral pallet - go for fun colors that make you smile when you enter the room.

What do you think - is it worth the time and effort to live in a staged home (most of the time...)? I say, STAGE IT UP!


  1. Editing in a big part of staging…… I am working to edit and towards staging our home.

    1. Editing is the hardest part! I usually move things from one room to another because I love everything so much - so hard to put away or get rid of!

  2. Oh how I wish I could do that... our apartment is NEVER tour ready. We just have TOO much stuff for our space. And, I edit pretty regularly... I just use all of our stuff often. I think if I ever get my own studio/event storage space then the rest of the home would follow suit. That may be wishful thinking though. :)

    1. Jenni, you do so much for your family (and your amazing blogs and career) I would be so mad at you if your house was tour ready all the time ;) hahaha! I totally understand about using stuff often - I wish I lived in an IKEA with cabinets and storage everywhere so I can put everything away!!!

  3. love the staging tips! I wish my house could look staged all the time, but I'm pretty sure my three year old is vehemently opposed to this ;)

    p.s. I'm from Portland too! I love stumbling across other Portland bloggers!


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