Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures of Momma Edlen: Conquering like Woah

Jack helps carry the bags, I make sure our laundry detergent matches my outfit.

I'm pretty sure that as I sat down on my bed to write this post - an awe inspiring display of confetti and/or fireworks went off behind my headboard.

Let me give you a Facebook status update (since lately all I see is people's list of what they did that day... gym, homework, hand loomed a rug...)

  • The usual baby stuff - wake up, yummers, nap, play a bit, get pooped on. OK that last part was unusual. Jack is a true gentleman and is very tactful about his business. This being his 10th month of life, pooping on momma only twice (first time was his first week on Earth) I'd say he's doing pretty good.

  • Lunch and chit chat with a girlfriend at home. Was my house clean? I'm pretty sure my poopy shirt was sitting on the kitchen counter mere yards away. 

  • Target run. Oh yeah - my favorite part of the week. Hey, this time I had coupons!

  • Home just in time for more yummers and our daily exclamation of "DADDDDYYYY!!!" as our hero and personal chef walks through the door.

This is where is gets awesome. After putting on my comfiest fuzzy socks...

  • Dishes, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, STEAMING of clothing and a freshening up of my manicure. And here's the really amazing part - all this without drinking a DROP of wine. WHAT?!?! 

Now - if you know anything about me, really anything at all- you know that this is truly amazing. I was even making jokes whilst cleaning. HA - BOOM BABY! I was on FIYAH! I mean, I even vaguely remember brushing my teeth today!

OK - so that this post isn't completely a waste of time to read - some tips about steaming!

First - Get a steamer...  LIFE CHANGING! I hate when I wash Jack's cute little clothes and they come out of the dryer looking like a tumbleweed. So I'd set them aside telling myself I'd do something about it... someday. Then he grows out of them. So Steam It Up Ladies!

Second - don't set your steamer near a smoke alarm. Especially while taking a picture of your baby's shorts for the purposes of blogging only to set off a screeching ear violation of a fire alarm, waking up your precious child.

Third - steamers tend to drip, so set up a towel on the floor. To make the precipitation delightful, sing the Rain Drops song from Bambi (Drip Drip Drop!)

Lastly, don't be lazy like me and try to hold the clothes while you steam. Hangers Save Hands.

So what did you accomplish today (or this week... month... haha YEAR?!) Whatever it was, I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful summer day!


  1. you are hilarious! I love this. I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

  2. Haha! Sounds like a good week. I am sooooo excited to get a steamer once we move and I set up place for one. I've used them before and they are amazing!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows some fresh phalanges when I see them. haha!

  4. Can I just say... your ring is one of the most AMAZING pieces of jewelry ever?? Don't wear it around me or it may just disappear. :-)


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