Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sproost: Interior Design Style Quiz

I am in LOVE with this site! Sproost is an awesome website that kicks off with a fun quiz that leads to you your own personal interior design style. I turned out to be mostly "French Eclectic" with a splash of "Hollywood Couture" and a hint of "Cottage Chic". So totally me!

Image Via Sproost

All you have to do is rate the rooms on a scale of 'Love It' to 'Hate It' and then BOOM - you have a sort of design horoscope that can help guide your decisions or define you style on deeper levels.

I had so much fun reading through my style - I kept nodding my head - yes, yes, YES!!!

It's also a lot of fun to quiz your friends and family - both my mom's and aunt's outcomes were PERFECT! Give it a try, let me know what your style is!

Click here to take the quiz!