Sunday, March 4, 2012

Deciding Between Styles

Interior design is all about choices. Collecting the things you love, editing out what doesn't work in a room, while pervading your overall style throughout your home. I think one of the biggest challenges that people face is deciding what style they want to commit to. Here's my current dilemma:

Do I want my style to be...

I love the look of minimalistic interior design - but I feel like it's such a limiting commitment sometimes! But then again, it's so sleek, simple, sexy...

However easy it may seem to stay a minimalist, I find the restriction to be A LOT more difficult.

I mean... what if I want to buy a pink metallic gnome figurine?!?!

So that's why I've decided that my style would be a mix of both. Minimalistic meets eclectic. Is it possible? I think so.

I love to use a modern and simple color palate of black and white as my base, make sure the large pieces in a room have simple lines and then mix in fun and eclectic accessories. A pop of color here and there is a fun and easy way to change things up after a few months go by.

What are your design challenges in your home? Do you feel limited by your previous choices sometimes?


  1. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only person who struggles with this! I tend to lean toward minimalism in my home only because it keeps me calm and is easier to clean (and I do enjoy the way it looks), but sometimes I feel restricted. I've found that having a few eclectic pieces in my home gives it personality and creates my own style rather than simply having it be minimalist. Also, there are aspects of minimalism that you can apply that help. For example, keeping everything in the same color helps things feel minimalist while still allowing me to add some pieces with character.

  2. This is TOALLY a problem for me. We kind of decided on a color pallet and style and now we're pretty much stuck. I really love sleek, shiny pieces (like the desk you guys have, for example) but it just doesn't fit with what we already have established in our living room and would look out of place... Which is a real bummer.

    I think you guys do a nice job mixing minimalist and electric in your home. Electric style by itself looks beautiful in pictures, but it's less functional in real life and can begin to look cluttered. That's why it's important to incorporate sleek, clean lines and use restraint when decorating - and you do a great job of that.

  3. I love both styles as well. My dilemma is adding 5 busy children into the mix which makes it hard to even choose a style to stick with.

  4. Hey! Nice to see you again! I remember you came to our last meet up! I'm exciting for our next one this Saturday! I love what you posted. Its so true. I get mixed in between the two as well. But I definantly think I have more of an eclectic style going on in my home. At least thats what many friends and family who come over tell me. I love mixing up styles together and thats what eclectic is all about. Have you seen the book "The Well Dressed Home" That book is amazing! It shows how Eclectic Style has so much potential and how you endless possibilities. Always intriguing. ;)
    Happy Blogging! and great week to you!


  5. love both styles!!! but i really love all the color more!!


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