Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Funday

I just LOVE the weekend - I finally get to spend some time with my husband and I get a little extra baby help as an added bonus. This means that I get a few extra moments to put myself together, so I've been trying to dress up a little more lately. You know, wear real pants. Not my Tualatin High School class of '03 sweatpants.

We had a fun little day today. We read stories, took naps - and most importantly - Jack ate "solid" food for the first time! It was pretty hilarious...

I promise, he didn't hate it as much as these pictures make it seem.

We had a lovely little lunch. I'm currently doing the most ridiculous diet in existence in which I can only eat protein on certain days - so it's been pretty funny whenever mealtime rolls around. Matt will say something like, "So, my little carnivore, what kind of MEAT should we feed you today?". The boys had a good time, regardless.

We also made a pit stop at Home Depot. I forced Matt to take a picture of me because I thought it was quite comical going to Home Depot in wedges - and you can see by the quality of it that he wanted to get inside as quickly as possible. Something about it "being cold"... yeah right honey, I know you just couldn't wait to be around all that manly construction stuff.

So all in all, a pretty nice little weekend.  Obviously I don't require much. How bout you, what are the simple little things you love to do on the weekend?


  1. No joke, you have the best eye wear collection ever. I totally love those glasses you are wearing! I've been trying to pick out a new pair for myself and I would love to have ones like that! Also, what lipstick are you wearing?

    1. Thanks Tegan - Believe it or not, those glasses were less than $10 from amazon! I just did a search for cateye glasses and up it came! My lipstick is Maybelline "Rockin Fuchsia" I love to go to Walgreens and pick out cheap and fun colors to try out.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sarah! Maybelline baby! The cheaper the better since I'm experimenting with wearing bright colors. It's hard to wear fun lipstick when you have a cute baby that you want to kiss all the time!


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