Thursday, February 16, 2012

iPhone Wallpaper from Pinterest

I love love LOVE Pinterest. I remember when my husband first showed it to me (before everyone knew about it, because he's just that cool!) and I thought, why the heck would I want to spend my day looking at puppies and knitted baby hats? Well obviously I didn't get it at first.

Now I love to look through Pinterest for art inspiration (someday I'm going to bust out the paints again) and along the way I noticed that I would come across really awesome graphics that would be perfect as iPhone wallpaper.

So I've put together a mini collection for you, if you'd like to see everything I've pinned, check out my board on Pinterest. 

All images via Pinterest

To save an image as your wallpaper, tap and hold the image until the menu screen pops up, and tap 'Save Image'.

Then go to your photos, select the image you want and tap the boxed arrow in the bottom left of your screen. Tap 'Use as Wallpaper' and voila!

So what do you think? Do you have any favorite images from Pinterest that you never thought to use as wallpaper before?


  1. Oooo I'm sooo stealing those roses and wallpaper for my phone. GREAT find!!

  2. Like the roses the best. I had not thought to click on my board of flowers to use as wallpaper-thanks for that idea!

  3. I found your blog through Tiffany, and it's so cute :) I'm using your peonies as my wall paper!

  4. Adi I LOVE these wallpapers! I think I pinned most of these images on pinterest too- isnt it horribly addictive?! Between that, instagram and the blog I'm online ALL the time.

  5. Great finds! I like the honeycomb one best, I think. I've gotten all caught up on your blog, and I love it. Keep going! :)


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