Sunday, January 8, 2012

Target Introduces Some Seriously Chic Furniture!

This surprised me - I stumbled on this collection of KILLER furniture from Target! Check it out:

Black tufted headboard from Target

Grey velvet loveseat

Blue ikat foot stool

Floral and graphic design chair

Pink velvet settee sofa

Lime green tufted headboard

Vintage blue tufted headboard
Like are you kidding me?!?! LOVES IT!


  1. I have a bed by the same manufacturer as the first on here, and I swear it looks like Crate & Barrel for 4x the price!

  2. Wow you're right - that is some SUPER cute stuff!!! Way to go, Target!

  3. I really really like that Ottoman. It looks freakishly large, though. I need everything at like, 70% scale for my stupid NYC shoebox home.

    1. No it's totally not that big - look at my previous blog post, they're are two used in a picture! Maybe take a look at the measurements on their site. Ps - if you buy it straight from the picture I posted from my blog I get a little kick back ;) yay!!!

    2. ok now I'm realizing they're different hahaha dang it!

  4. Oops I meant there are two not they're are - that's what happens when you type while feeding a baby!

  5. Replies
    1. I know right?! It's not in the stores - I love finding hidden gems online!

  6. Wow..! This pink sofa really have such a sexy and endearing look but its legs are not that much stylish. Isn't it..?

  7. doesn't looks not that much sturdy and classic as well..

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