Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to make a fake orchid look real - with things I found around my house!

I've had a faux orchid sitting around my house for a little over a year and I just haven't had the inspiration to do anything with it. I didn't want to go the typical moss route, and it's difficult to justify a trip out of the house just to hunt for an orchid outfit. So I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

All it took to spark my inspiration was a gift of these really cool soil-free plants (which you'll see in the final picture). Sort of like these:

They only have to be watered once a week by being soaked and I can just pick them out of the arrangement and replace them when I'm done.

So I scrounged around my house to dress up my lonely faux orchid (please excuse the bouncy seat peaking into the pictures, baby Jack was helping me with this project!)

Step 1 - find some newspaper, a vessel and some pretty rocks to accompany the faux orchid
Step 2, ball up the newspaper nice and tight so the orchid will stand in the place you want (bend the bottom of the stem for balance)

Step 3 - poke a hole in the center of a flat piece of newspaper and thread it around the orchid. This is so the rocks have a flat place to sit instead of getting lost in the nooks of the balled up newspaper below.

Step 4 - place your pretty rocks over the newspaper to create a full and polished look

Finally, place your super cool soil-free plants around the stem to replace the look of leaves at the base of the orchid. Voila!
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So there you have it - virtually free since I had all this stuff sitting around left over from past projects (and my wedding...)


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