Monday, January 2, 2012

GofE DIY - Wall Art Vingette

I am SO excited about my new wall art vignette!

I've been admiring mish-mashed collections of frames and mirrors on Pinterest, and if you remember my post from Plasticland I included this AMAZING little ditty of wall decals:

Instantly Antique Wall Decals - $24.95
And this adorbs cuckoo clock:

Pink Cuckoo Clock $17

Well, my incredible husband got me them for Christmas! I couldn't wait to put them up and I love how they turned out!

I mixed the wall decals with a cuckoo clock and a few modern baroque frames to add texture 

Larry the Deer from Z Gallerie and my Fornasetti Milano plate look perfect with the wall decals. I added the ghost chair to  to balance out the height of the wall.

I'm so glad I have such a neutral grey on the wall so I can play with ANY color (especially pink!)

The wall decals were SUPER easy to peel off and went on the wall effortlessly, which really surprised me. I thought I would be spending an hour tediously peeling them off while worrying about ripping. But no, they came FLYING off. And when I didn't like the placement on the wall, I could easily remove them and try again. I used the picture on the packaging as a loose guide but felt so proud of myself when I decided to do my own overall design.

The cuckoo clock makes such a sweet little ticking sound, even though it doesn't 'cuckoo' (but what can you expect for only $17). I seriously can't believe I got such a big impact for under $45!

It was so much fun, I highly suggest them!

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  1. It looks SO GREAT! I'm excited to see in person :) I LOVE that you added texture so with frames and the clock to keep it from looking flat.

    Also, you're lucky you live with a man who allows you to add pink as a room accent color. Some of us aren't so lucky ;)

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