Sunday, November 27, 2011

GofE DIY - Larry the Deer

One of the first projects we tackled in our new home was a pretty big one and came complete with a set of antlers.

When my husband and I saw this deer head at Z Gallerie - all we needed for an agreement was a quick look at each other and a high five. Yes, we high five... all of the time.

We named him Larry and decided that the new member of our family deserved a little extra special attention. There was no way we were going to just stick him up on the wall and walk away.

When I first described what I wanted to do with Larry my husband thought I was crazy - I wanted to paint a stencil behind the deer head and put a frame around him. But now he  LOVES it (despite the string of expletives he produced while wrestling to put it up).

Here's what we did:

The first step was to go shopping for a vintage frame - one that isn't too expensive, yet has enough detail to make a statement.

We found this beauty for $75, which I think is a good deal for the size of the frame. We spray painted it white to match Sir Larry.

Next, I used a stencil and painted with a metallic grey paint where he would live. I found this amazing stencil at Royal Design

I would suggest following the instructions that come with the stencil - it recommends that you go slowly and use a very small amount of paint to prevent bleeding under the stencil.

I was being impatient and used a roller for the lighter color and paid the price by having to go over the borders by hand with a darker color to create straight lines. It was worth it though because the darker grey really makes it pop!

The final result - Larry feels like a bona-fide Edlen with his fancy surroundings! It was not a quick project by any means, but definitely one that anyone can do themselves. I hope this inspires you to add your own touches to pieces you can find at big stores - your creations will feel like a part of your family once your done!

GofE Bouquet - Plasticland

I adore the Plasticland website!

They have endless amounts of quirky and (in my opinion) essential items that will add just the right amount of fun and whimsy to your home.

Here's what I've picked for this week's bouquet:

Instantly Antique Wall Decals $24.95

Retro Turquoise Princess Phone $69

Faceted Gem Suction Wall Hook Set $10

What a Hoot Owl Vase $30

1950's Retro Fawn Figurine $16

Victorian Martini Table $54

Dark Flowers Placemats Set of 4 $20

Snow White Baroque Photo Frame $26

Retro Robot Money Bank $30

Electric Antoinette Vanity Mirror $21

Red Filigree Party Placemats $23

Felt Florette Coasters Set of 4 $9

Pink Wall Mount Cuckoo Clock $17

Antiqued Vintage Style Mirrors Set $52

Black Felt Filigree Table Runner $22

Neo Chrome Cuckoo Clock $45

Garden of Edlen Handpicked "Bouquet"

I love Pinterest - who doesn't right? But what I DON'T like about it is how difficult it can be to track down some of the "merchandise". Sometimes it's not labeled, sometimes the link doesn't work, sometimes I forget to "like it"... on and on.

This has inspired me to put together a collection of things that I would think to "pin", but would rather blog about!

Most importantly, I've got a lot of time on my hands to go online shopping - which is another thing I take issue with. It can take FOREVER to get through an entire website just to get to the good stuff.

So now you can take a stroll through my little garden - a sort of boutique of lovely items that I've hand picked and put together in a beautiful bouquet!

I'll start with my favorite online hot spots, but I am eager to discover more resources - so please feel free to suggest some!

Friday, November 18, 2011

One Handed Blogathon

As a new mom, I've found myself in a paradox of time. I've got TONS of time on my hands... but none of it seems to be usable. At two and half months old my sweet baby boy is still pretty "needy". As in, I can't just stick a toy in his paws and walk away - the kid requires MY paws!

So what better to do with my long drawn out days of baby holding than blogging?! So here I sit with a sleeping baby, trying to get my point across with one hand. No wait, he's drifted off enough that I can now use BOTH hands (a rare treat!) so away I go!

I hope you enjoy!