Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pinterest has taken us by storm!

Technology these days... New things sprout up so fast - I remember when it took like a year for a movie to go from theaters to VHS, and half an hour for MTV.com to load up. Oh the anticipation! WHEN can I get Clueless on tape? When, when, WHEN?!?!

I also remember when I detested Facebook. Or should I say, The Facebook. No way would I join thar hubbub rigamarole pieceajunk waste of time. Grumpy, frowny grump face. >.< !! Now it's just a part of life.

Then of course there's Twitter - so lame. I mean who DOESN'T want to know what Kim K is doing RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE?!?! But now I can't get enough of HGTV's tweets! And OK, Kim K's not so bad either.

I digress...we don't fight it anymore. We instead want to know about the next new thing before our girlfriends... before our co-workers... shoot, before our MOTHERS!

Anyway - it's really not so bad, this whole new technology business - becaaaauuuuse....

Pinterest has taken ovee - and we love it!!!

So I thought I'd put together a bouquet of my favorite pins - not including things like the sock bun or the cute bangs I want to get... you don't need to see that!

I love this circular crystal chandelier

This is the best idea! Nail polish stickers

Who doesn't love Rachel Bilson?

Adorable bowtie napkin from Martha Stewart

I would love to have this beautiful white sideboard
Source: houzz.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Vintage frames with magnets as a pinboard
Source: etsy.com via HM on Pinterest

I love this vignette of mirrors
Source: kaseybuick.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

A sweet little office - the mini desk and chandelier are fab!
Source: houzz.com via Meghan on Pinterest

I love this wall color - and of course the vignette 

Soft and romantic - what a gorgeous mirror

Fun colored chairs to mix and match
Source: lh4.ggpht.com via M. on Pinterest

A huge mirror and bench are perfect for an entry way
Source: google.ca via Lauren on Pinterest

Saturated colors are great for prints

Every bathroom should have a chandelier - I love the dark floors

This was on Esty! A modern baroque mirror

Stripes add visual interest

The most amazing wall sconce I've ever seen. I love the contrast of the dark walls with white accents.


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