Friday, December 2, 2011

GofE Bouquet - Urban Outfitters

I've always loved the fun decorative pieces Urban Outfitters has to offer - most of my baby boy's room is accented with UO finds.

Affordable and unique, I hope you enjoy this collection of adorable tchotchkes and must-haves!

Deer Collage Wall Art $44

Whimsical and simple, I'd love to see this with an ornate frame

A bit of a splurge, but how AWESOME is this?!

This screams to be hung in an unexpected place, perhaps a coat closet or bathroom? Also available in a metallic black!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's humorous yet beautiful - my favorite kind of woman

Such an affordable way to add some character to a room

Begging to be hung on a wall - not just set down on a table!

Perfect balance of feminine floral and masculine dark 

Everyone needs this!

Baby Jack has one... college fund! 

A ring holder should live by every sink in the house

Perfect for a boy's room or mixed in with a collection of traditional art

Another friend who lives in baby Jack's room

You only need one to make a huge impact

What a sweet little accent - perfect for above your vanity

Like the ring holder, these little catch-alls should be scattered throughout a home

Throw him in with your fancier pillows - I love the expression on his face

A little vintage touch played out in a quirky way

I love the saturated colors - all it needs is a glossy turquoise frame - can you see it now?

This pulls double duty - adding color and light to a room

Available in so many colors - I can hardly choose!

So what did you think of this beautiful bouquet? Any suggestions of websites you'd like me to sift through for you?


  1. I LOVE the pintuck pillows! The color of the one you posted is gorgeous.

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