Sunday, November 27, 2011

GofE DIY - Larry the Deer

One of the first projects we tackled in our new home was a pretty big one and came complete with a set of antlers.

When my husband and I saw this deer head at Z Gallerie - all we needed for an agreement was a quick look at each other and a high five. Yes, we high five... all of the time.

We named him Larry and decided that the new member of our family deserved a little extra special attention. There was no way we were going to just stick him up on the wall and walk away.

When I first described what I wanted to do with Larry my husband thought I was crazy - I wanted to paint a stencil behind the deer head and put a frame around him. But now he  LOVES it (despite the string of expletives he produced while wrestling to put it up).

Here's what we did:

The first step was to go shopping for a vintage frame - one that isn't too expensive, yet has enough detail to make a statement.

We found this beauty for $75, which I think is a good deal for the size of the frame. We spray painted it white to match Sir Larry.

Next, I used a stencil and painted with a metallic grey paint where he would live. I found this amazing stencil at Royal Design

I would suggest following the instructions that come with the stencil - it recommends that you go slowly and use a very small amount of paint to prevent bleeding under the stencil.

I was being impatient and used a roller for the lighter color and paid the price by having to go over the borders by hand with a darker color to create straight lines. It was worth it though because the darker grey really makes it pop!

The final result - Larry feels like a bona-fide Edlen with his fancy surroundings! It was not a quick project by any means, but definitely one that anyone can do themselves. I hope this inspires you to add your own touches to pieces you can find at big stores - your creations will feel like a part of your family once your done!