Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bar Cart turned Record Player Media Station

I'm proud to announce the newest addition to the Edlen family - 
weighing 12lbs 4 oz, 17 inches wide - my new pride and joy:

My sweet little floral record player! So I guess its name is Sweetpea.

Naturally, our lovely addition needed to be beautifully styled in our home - so I was pretty excited when I found this acrylic bar cart at HomeGoods.
I wanted something that would display my records and hold all the goodies like my headphones and record cleaning supplies. $130 later...

Voila! I love it!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lifestyle tip: Stocking up on Hostess Gifts

So, I have to share this quick lifestyle tip because, well it's just genius and has saved me on several occasions. 
Every time I see a cute picture frame or stationary I buy it to make sure I have a hostess gift on-hand. 
Blank thank you cards, cute blank notebooks, fun coasters - all great stuff to snag and hang onto until you need them.
It's also great to have extras ready in case you receive an unexpected gift from a friend and want to return the favor! I can't take full credit for this idea, my mom has done this for years. She wraps up extra presents and places them under the tree, so you'd never know they weren't already planned for a special someone (sorry to reveal your secret, mom… but it's such a good tip).

Here's some cute stuff I found recently at HomeGoods

I printed off some pictures and put them in the frames so it looks like a more personalized gift, rather than leaving the frame empty.

Don't forget to stock up on cute gift bags, and make sure they're all different so you can remember which gift is in which bag!

What are some of your little lifestyle tricks?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

My parents just moved to a new house with more space, which means more decorations!

My mom has great, timeless yet chic style in her interior design. Like me, she is constantly editing the look of her home until it feels perfect - but she has an amazing knack of making everything feel inviting, even if it is perfectly polished! So I guess you can see where I got it from - a blessing and a curse to be so obsessed with decorating.

Anyway, I love what she's done, here's a peek into what an updated Christmas looks like at my folks' place:

Notice the daring addition of snow to this all silver and white vignette. 
I love all the textures going on here.

More snow! And look at the cute way she's hung the snowflakes, with polka dotted ribbon.
And more lovely textures - mixing ceramics with metallics, sparkly beads with fabric ribbons.

Snowflakes add some fun to these glamorous beaded wreaths.

A beautiful way to enter your home - I've always wanted a house big enough for an entry table like this!

In the family room, there's a more natural color palette - warm and cute.

The Mr. and Mrs Claus were handmade by my grandmother and make a special appearance every year. 
I love how the natural wood snowflakes are staggered in height. So fun!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

White Gold and Gray Christmas

Here in the Edlen household, we have a tradition of decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know there are a few of you that like to bust out the decorations right after Halloween, I'm not tryin' ta hate.

As you can see, I went WILD with the color (as usual). 
Just kidding, it's all white, gold and gray.

I couldn't get a good shot of my tree - it's a little bright out today and I'm still working on my camera skills - hopefully Santa will fill my stocking with a certificate for photography classes. Hint. HINT. 
So here's one from my Instagram - and by the way, I'd love it if you'd follow me!

Merry Christmas! What are your holiday decorating traditions?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The quickest way to update a room - pillows

Because I'll never be done decorating… here is the tiniest little update to our dining room.

Boom. Pillows.

They came in a pack of two and perfectly pull out the marigold colors in the print next to them - which is like, my absolute favorite color right now. Except for white. White is my favorite color - of all times.

And there's just something about pillows that make a space look both more purposeful 
and inviting all at the same time. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Modern and Sophisticated Baby's Room

Just working on some things here and there…

Here's a vision board I threw together for a fun baby's room - click the image for some sources:

Baby room

This room in particular is for a boy, but just swap out some of the art for more feminine pieces and the other finishings work perfectly for a girl.

Oh, and no, I'm not having another baby. This is for a friend :)

But if you need some help with a vision board for your room, send me a message - I'm always looking for new projects to help out my friends with!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Adding layers to your style by mixing modern with vintage

I love mixing modern with vintage in my home decor - it adds great dimension and layer to the design. 

It's been a year since we've moved into our new home - I'm finally getting around to the dining room, 
which has become the perfect place to experiment with adding layers of styles and eras to my decor.

I love the chandelier - it's original to our home which was built in 1955 - and it's a perfect juxtaposition with the more modern art we have on the walls.

There's a good mix happening here with the modern chairs and the vintage look of these oversized candlesticks. The bench under the art gives a nod to the candlesticks since it's got a vintage look to it.

And although my husband doesn't like the multi-colored print because it's not an original piece of art (I'm currently making a mustache with my finger under my nose and making a snooty face) I LOVE it because it brings in every single color and ties in my black chairs that I almost got rid of. I guess we can't always agree… but I can always win - it's staying up!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Filling your frames - for free!

I love frames - they're inexpensive, pretty, and easily fill up empty spaces in decorating - 
but their ease comes with one exception...
filling the actual frame.

I don't display too many family photos in my living room - they're so personal - 
but I have a TON of frames. If I see a well priced frame, I can't pass it up
so it's become a challenge for me to find an alternate solution, while not spending too much money on artwork or printing photos to fill them.

 I found my solution by simply checking my mail.
We have a membership with the Portland Art Museum, 
and they recently sent a beautiful pamphlet advertising some new upcoming exhibits. 
Lucky me :)
You can also fill frames with magazine clippings, programs from plays or as my friend Sarah suggested, calendar pages!

The pictures add so much color and beauty to the room - and they were free!

What do you think, do you have any pamphlets/magazines with beautiful pictures you can use to fill some empty frames around your house?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mixing glam metals with natural elements

I love a good juxtaposition in my decor - this little plant guy is the perfect example:

So glamorous is he, sitting in his nice metallic vessel with all his natural glory [or as natural as a fake plant can get]. Mixing nature with a little glam is a fun way to keep your decor interesting.

I just love him. I'm going to name him George. He, of course, hails from HomeGoods.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mixing Patterns in the Bedroom

Layer by layer,  I'm adding more color and patterns to our master bedroom.

So far it's all blues and yellows - calm and soothing colors, perfect for a bedroom.
I love the contrast the wooden legs of this bench give to the clean modern look of the white couch.

More blue and yellow patterns are carried through to the bedding - with some great texture from these white pillows. I have the hardest time choosing bedding - I don't want it to be too feminine since it's my husband's bed too, but I'm not about to throw some flannel on the bed, either. 
I think this is a nice balance of more masculine, geometric lines, with a soft, romantic twist through the trellis patterned pillow.

I used the pillows that came with the comforter to carry the theme through the room to this cozy side chair. I like how the repeated pattern carries the eye from one side of the room to another.

And while I was busy taking pictures, this little turkey was sitting patiently, just lookin' real cute.

Go Ducks - Win The Day!

{pillows, bedding and side chair from HomeGoods, bench from Target}